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Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic


Foxmoor Veterinary Clinic offers grooming services 6 days a week. Call to schedule your grooming appointment with one of our qualified compassionate groomers today!

Our groomers recommend a pet’s grooming is done every 6-8 weeks. During your pet’s pampering, we will evaluate your pet for fleas, ticks, lumps, bumps and will check their ears too! A Full Groom Includes:

Bath, Breed Specific Cut/Shave, Sanitary Shave, Blow Dry, Routine Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression & Nail Trim

Available Add-ons:

Dremel: A process of buffing nails down further than a clipping and smoothing them out.

Furminator: A deshedding treatment with shampoo conditioner dryer blow out and furminator brush out

Hypoallergenic Bathing: A professional grade hypo-allergenic shampoo in place of standard shampoo

Teeth Brushing: A thorough brushing of the teeth.

Oatmeal Paw Butter: A soothing butter that relieves dry, cracked paws. Oatmeal fragrance smells so good!! Shea butter, oatmeal, mango, vitamins E and F, jojoba, coconut oil, olive oil and aloe vera soothe and relieve dry cracked paws

Blueberry Facial

S-Paw Packages (Packages And Scents Are Subject To Change):

  • Blueberry Greek Yogurt Pie (Spring): A bright supple scented shampoo that gently cleans, feeds protein to hair follicles restoring proper moisture, repairing and nourishing the skin and coat. Accompanied by a refreshing blueberry facial, followed by a weightless blueberry conditioner that eliminates static while loosening tough matting and tangles.  Finished with a plentiful spritzing of luscious blueberry crumble fragrance

  • Tropical Oatmeal and Coconut (Summer): A fun tropical scent with natural colloidal oatmeal to calm itchy, dry, irritated skin; replenishing and conditioning skin and coat leaving it soft and silky.  Accompanied by an oatmeal paw butter to soothe and relieve dry cracked paws. Followed by a coconut scented oatmeal conditioner to loosen matting, tangles and eliminate static.  Finished with a generous misting of a cool coconut-pineapple fragrance.

  • Pumpkin Pie (Fall): A warm, smoothing scent formulated with a unique herbal blend to protect, repair, and naturally nourish the skin and coat, gently cleaning and delivering a fuller more beautiful look.  Accompanied by an oatmeal paw butter to soothe and relieve dry cracked paws.  Finished with a generous misting of a rich and spicy pumpkin pie fragrance.

  • Holiday (Winter): Your choice of shampoo and a refreshing blueberry facial

  • Blackberry Jam: A sweet, juicy shampoo that features blackberry, vanilla and sugar cane fragrance notes.

  • Snowy Paws: A fresh, woodsy and warm fragrance highlighted by notes of sage, juniper and spearmint.

  •  Sugar Cookie: A unique herbal blend with vanilla and sugar cane fragrance notes.